The old hotel – 100 words

A short post to share the ‘ghost themed’ story I entered into a 100 word competition last month.  I didn’t win, but here it is, just for fun!

Everyone in town thinks the hotel is haunted, but I disagree.  That’s why I’m staying here tonight.

Gone midnight, still awake.  Creaks rattle around the echoey room, but I’m fine.  There’s no such thing as ghosts.

My bathroom door slams and I leap into the air.  I’m startled, not scared, it’s someone’s idea of a joke.  I’ll get them back.

Silence cocoons me as I approach, intending to burst inside, but before I get there, the door flies open and a piercing cackle flies through me, hitting the wall with a thud.

Now I’m scared.

I run and scream, “ghost!”


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