Flash Fiction A-Z: A is for…

This is a series of very short stories, under 100 words, that include the chosen word.  Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

A is for… Architecture!

The underground carriage jerks to a halt and I join the group of passengers who shuffle to the sliding doors.  Breaking free of the crowded train should give me space to breathe, but instead, particles of soot tickle my nostrils and make me hold my breath.

Racing up the steps towards the street above, my lungs can no longer wait, forcing me to suck in a mouthful of filthy air.

At the top, I splutter a little before taking in my surroundings.  Ancient brickwork and glass skyscrapers tower above me, the most incredible display of architecture I’ve ever seen.

(99 words)


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction A-Z: A is for…

  1. Hi, Tess. I’m one of the Story Empire authors and hopped over when I saw your comment there today, I applaud you for undertaking an A-Z challenge with micro fic. What a great idea and a great way to flex your creative muscles!


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