My Books

Virtually Strangers

Published 24th July 2015

Available from Amazon.

A romantic fiction that will have you torn.

Christina has spent many lonely years living in the background while her husband throws his heart and soul into his hobbies, but when Andy introduces her to Virtuality, she realises how mundane her real life has become. Sinking deeper and deeper into her new virtual life as an erotic dancer gives Christina a focus that soon overwhelms her real life, leaving her with emotional baggage and tough decisions. Falling in love with a virtual stranger was never part of her game plan, but David’s charismatic persona wins her heart by providing her with the companionship that was absent from her marriage. Struggling to cope with her guilt or face up to her problems, Christina is faced with no option other than to run away. – – –

imageLightning Attraction

Published 9th September 2015

Being dumped by Mike was a blessing in disguise, Jessie just didn’t know it. She was distraught, drowning in her own tears whilst everything she had worked for hung in the balance. The 21-year-old student was just weeks away from her exams, after which she was due to embark on a year-long work placement. Unable to face the world alone, it took the persuasion of her best friend, Lisa, to make her realise she was in danger of throwing it all away for an undeserving man. Nobody could have predicted how much both of their lives would change over the course of the next year, especially not Jessie. When she met the man of her dreams, her lightning attraction, Jessie’s life seemed perfect for the first time ever. The question is, does perfection have space for psycho ex-boyfriends?  – – –

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