Moving home in 6 words

Chaos and life, all boxed up.


Justifying my writing time

PenThere’s one thing that really annoys me as an Indy author, not being able to justify the time I spend writing.  Like most writers, I don’t make anywhere near enough money from writing to call it a ‘job’, so my income comes from an ordinary 9-to-5 career.  Even though I love writing, outside of my ‘normal’ job I have to put my family first.  I’d much prefer my kids to be able to say We’ve got a great mum rather than There’s an author living in our house!!!

23382369164_813b1b9226_zOf course, I’d love to be able to say My writing pays for xyx… or once this book goes to print we can afford abc… but I can’t because it doesn’t/we can’t.  I just wish I could justify the time I (want to) spend writing because I’ve got two current WIPs and I love writing.

Admittedly, the submission process has knocked me slightly, but I’ll bounce back because I know I’m in good company.

Anyone else felt like this then bounced back and managed to get a publishing deal?

The worst Christmas ever by Tess M Garfield  – Day 4 Advent 2017

My 1st contribution to Solveig’s advent calendar 2017.

Solveig Werner

The worst Christmas ever by Tess M Garfield

Day 4 Advent 2017

Gazing through the living room window, Jessica lacks the excitement of every other seven-year-old girl she knows. It’s Christmas Eve, and instead of getting into her pyjamas ready for an early night, she has to travel to a cottage in the middle of who knows where—Mum’s idea of the perfect family Christmas.

It’s Jessica’s idea of the worst Christmas ever.

Outside, Mum and Dad rush backwards and forwards, loading the car. Around them, snowflakes drift in all directions before dropping to the ground to form a light dusting of white.

It’s cold. What if the car breaks down? What if Santa uses sat-nav and gets lost on his way to the middle of who knows where?

Hurried footsteps scuttle down the stairs, accompanied by the argumentative tones of the teenage twins; Cassie and George. They burst into the…

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In the cold – Day 1 Advent 2017

Be sure to drop into Solveig’s blog every day of Advent to see what the calendar brings.

Solveig Werner

In the cold

Day 1 Advent 2017

“Mom I am cold!”

“We’ll be there soon I can sense it,” she replied, not even pausing to hold her breath.

“I am cold too. And for ages we’ve only seen snow and trees, how can you be so certain that we’ll be there soon?” Her younger daughter chipped in.

She turned to her daughters, raising her gloveless finger to her mouth, “Shhhh! Listen to the silence!”

They all paused in their tracks. It was true, none of them had paid attention to the magic sounds of winter.

The world, almost asleep, was covered by a blanket of snow. They could hear the trees crack from the cold and under the weight heavy on their branches, the snow falling onto the ground, and somewhere far away there was an animal searching for food.

“Mom, look over there!” The younger two girls exclaimed, fishing…

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Happy December 1st

Another month has flown by, and suddenly we’re on the countdown to Christmas!  This is the point when I normally say I’m about to begin my Christmas shopping, but this year I’ve made a start.  My mum usually starts hers in January, not a month late, eleven months early!!  How about you, are you sickeningly organised or a victim of Christmas creeping up like something that doesn’t happen routinely every twelve months?

What I’ve done in November

I didn’t set myself too many targets last month because I knew life was going to be hectic, and it turned out to be even more hectic than I thought!

My plan to complete the alphabet in daily six-word stories of emotion was a success, but the only other very loose target I had (not to NaNo, but to see how many words I could get down for my WIP) was a non-starter—far too much going on to stop that from happening.

What I did manage was to get deep into my studies again and write my first assignment on Technological Innovation.  It’s a new subject for me but relates highly to the work I do in my day-job.  And now that the rollercoaster is in motion, I’m on the next steep climb to gather everything I need for my next assignment.

What I plan for December

I’ve got two guest blog posts to do, one is done, another is sitting in the corner of my mind with a ticket, waiting for its number to be called.  Posts here might become a little thinner this month, but I’m still hoping to post a few times a week.

What else?  Erm… I need to make a decision what to do about the 2nd edition of Virtually Strangers.  I’ve had two rejections now, wow does that sting…  Should I keep going or just re-issue it as another indie?

Despite the attraction of wrapping up and hibernating until snow-season has been and gone, I’m determined to get some meaningful writing done this month though, so I’ll recall my failed mission from last month and get some more chapters of Just Business drafted.

How about you?