Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Happy New Year everybody.  I hope 2018 is a good year for you.



The Magic and Curse of Christmas by Angela Guidolin – Day 21 Advent 2017

I love how this turns out

Solveig Werner

The Magic and Curse of Christmas by Angela Guidolin

Day 21 Advent 2017

When I was a child in the ’70, my parents had just started their own ice-cream business. To me, it meant not seeing much of them, having a few toys to play with (that sometimes my mum was forced to give as a present to other children if we were invited to social events like their First Communion for example), and clothes handed down from older cousins.

Christmas Day was a rare occasion to celebrate, and the anticipation for the family reunion and the chance to play with my cousins filled me with joy. Not to mention the expectations for the gifts I would find under the Christmas tree at my granny’s! However, delusion would quickly set in as my presents came always with the caveat, “For today and for your birthday but it’s so big!”


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Footprints in the snow by Tess M Garfield – Day 17 Advent 2017, 3rd Sunday of Advent

My winter poem on Solveig’s Advent Calendar.

Solveig Werner

Footprints in the snow by Tess M Garfield

Day 17 Advent 2017, 3rd Sunday of Advent

Footprints in the snow

Silence falls
over a sleeping town
as the icy breeze stills
snow starts coming down

great big flakes
thickening fast
swirling and drifting
and falling at last

by the time the town wakes
there’s a blanket of white
a Christmas surprise
like a gift from the night

children rush out
big ones and small
leaving electronic toys
and having a ball

further afield
walking families find
unspoilt fields
thorny hedgerow lined

taking large strides
they’re careful how they go
leaving behind them
footprints in the snow


Tess Garfield is a fiction writer based in England, she mostly writes romance and blogs at  You can follow her on twitter ‎@TessMGarfield.

Tess participated in the year’s calendar on an earlier date, read here lovely short story, “The worst Christmas ever”

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Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate – Day 16 Advent 2017

A lovely little story.

Solveig Werner

Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate

Day 16 Advent 2017

“Do you have any money for us Miss?” It must have been the 10th time on her way home from work that someone was actively asking her for money. Like the other times that evening in mid-December she shook her head, said “sorry” and tried to at least give a comforting smile. There were times when she fished a coin out of her jeans’ pocket, but she didn’t want to support alcohol or drug habits. Too often she had spotted the beggar, who sat in front of the coffee shop, in the liquor section of the supermarket. And she had grown ever warier when she had sen a man next to his cardboard checking his far more modern phone than hers, she could not afford such luxuries.

“Do you have any money for us?”
“I am really sorry, I don’t…

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